Spring Break

yellow Tulips

Spring Break begins this Friday, March 30th.  We will return to school on Monday, April 9th.  We hope everyone has a wonderful spring break!  Please feel free to share a picture of what you did over spring break.  Hopefully the weather will be “spring like” here in Michigan for those not traveling.

Slice of Life

Exciting news here at Center Line High School!  Our class has begun a new business adventure we call “Slice of life” where we have been making decorative wood slice ornaments.  These beautiful ornaments are student made and everyone in our class has participated in making them.  We have placed them for sale in the teacher lounge at Center Line and have already had a lot of interest.  We thought we would offer them to our families if you would like to purchase them.  The money we earn will go directly back to our classroom.  We will use the money for more materials, future CBI’s and other classroom events throughout the year.

The cost is $3.00 each or 2 for $5.00, stenciled ornaments $4.00 each

Supply is limited right now and we will go on a first come first serve basis.  We will continue to create and make more and will let you know as more become available.

As we create new ornaments we will update here on our blog!

wood slice ornaments

Working With a Partner

We have many jobs where we must work with a partner.  Some jobs that we do at the Tank Plant require that we work together including washing dishes.  At the Lighthouse, we also work together when we package commodities.  At Christ Community Church two or more people work together to clean tables and chairs.  Finally, at Amazing Grace cleaning the bathrooms is a partner job.

When we work with a partner we are practicing communicating and working together.  We use visuals to help us remember to tell our partner when it is his or her turn.  We are also working on sharing the work materials.  We are learning that working together gets the job done faster and we do a better job!

These pictures show two students who are working together to clean the chairs at Christ Community Church.  One student was wiping the chairs and the other student was putting back at the table.  Working together is fun!

Center Line is Going Green

Center Line high school is working to become a green school. This means more recycling work for our class!  Center line is generating a lot more recycling in the building.  We have been very busy collecting and sorting through the recycle materials.  Tomorrow we will take a trip to the Warren Recycle Center in addition to our CBI trip to Meijer.  We have a lot of plastic to take there as well as glass, tin, aluminum, and cardboard.  Along with Center Line staff we are working to get Center Line High School on the pick up route for city recycling.  We are excited to help Center Line be more earth friendly.

heart earth

Mid Winter Break Challenge

Mid Winter break starts February 16th and ends Wednesday February 21st when we return to school.  Our class would like to see what fun things your family does over break. So we are challenging you to comment or post a picture on this post during break.

How to access the blog:

  1. Go to the internet and search Ms. Emily Dodds class blog MISD.
  2. Subscribe by email: enter your email to follow our blog
  3. Hit Subscribe
  4. You will have to prove your not a robot 🙂
  5. Then you can comment or upload a picture-all pictures are approved by staff before published.

Any question please call or email us at school.

Have Fun and we look forward to reading your posts and seeing your pictures.


January Work Skill

This month we have been working on the work skill of washing windows and mirrors. We worked on making sure to spray an appropriate amount of glass cleaner. We also worked on wiping the glass, making sure to get to each corner and wiping up and down from one side to the other side. We use this work skill at both Amazing Grace Church and Christ Community Church where we clean the windows and mirrors. Here is a video of a student showing the proper way to clean a window.

Student cleaning window

Student cleaning mirror





Merry Christmas

merry christmas

Santa came to visit us at the Lighthouse worksite yesterday! Such a fun time.  Today we baked sugar cookies and we will decorate them tomorrow.  Just a reminder that Thursday is our last day of school for the year.  We return to school Wednesday January 3rd, 2018.  We hope that everyone has a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Can’t wait to see where the new year will take us!