Recycle Crew

Every Tuesday our class takes care of all the recycling at Center Line High School and the administration building.  Each week we have a recycle crew that takes our big recycle bin around the school and the the administration building.  They go into to each classroom and office to collect the recycling in the all the small bins.  The students and teachers around Center Line look forward to our weekly visits and are thankful for our hard work.  We then have to sort the recyclables by paper, plastic, tin, cardboard and returnable bottles.  The paper gets emptied into the big paper bin outside and the rest of the returnables have to go to the warren recycle center.  Each month on one of our CBI trips we take the recyclables to the recycle center.  Our class earns a little bit of money from the bottles we return and for the paper we recycle.  Each year we are able to buy a special treat for the class with the money.  We are doing are part to keep Center Line Green.


For the Month of October we have been learning about sweeping.  We have discussed the importance of using two hands to hold the broom.  One hand at the top and one hand at the middle.  We also talked about when sweeping a room a good place to start is the back corner.  We have practiced sweeping and using a dust pan.  Below is a list of our vocabulary words for the month.  They are all the words we use when practicing sweeping.

Belightful Yoga Comes to Center Line

Our MISD classrooms at Center Line participated in our first of two yoga sessions led by Miss Lisa from Belightful Yoga.  We will have our second session on Monday, October 16th.  We had a wonderful experience with yoga.  We practiced different poses on our yoga mats in the gym.  Miss Lisa played relaxing music and talked about our rainbow breathing.  She showed us a rainbow paper accordion to help us take slow breaths.  We watched the accordion get bigger as we breathed in and smaller as we breathed out.  Miss Lisa used a book to show us animal pictures and help us with poses.  We all followed along using the visuals.  We felt very relaxed and can’t wait for the next session.


Community Based Instruction (CBI)

CBI is starting this October. We will be going out on Wednesdays to learn about our community.  Some of our CBI’s cost money, some are free. We try to keep the costs as reasonable as possible. You can find the total amount for the month and where we are going each Wednesday on our blog and on the monthly calendars.

We usually start our month with a trip to Aldi’s Grocery store to buy food for our cooking class. We also go to the library to read books and to find books on classroom topics. We sometimes go to either a fast food or sit down restaurant. We are learning how to place orders, make purchases,  pay our bill and speak to the waitstaff politely and  clearly.  We also make frequent trips to the Warren Recycling Center to drop off all of the Center Line HS recyclable materials that our class collects.

We have visuals for many of our CBI’s to help us know exactly what to do.

Please check your student’s budget page in their binders to find out if they need money each month.


Worksite Locations

This school year we have four worksites.  They are Christ Community Church, the Lighthouse, the Tank Plant, and Amazing Grace Church.  On Monday’s we go to work at Christ Community Church and the Lighthouse.  At Christ Community Church we do custodial jobs including vacuuming, washing windows, and washing tables and chairs.  At the Lighthouse we package commodities.  We work at Amazing Grace Church and the TACOM Tank Plant on Thursdays.  At Amazing Grace Church we do custodial jobs such as cleaning bathrooms, taking out the garbage and recycling, and sweeping and mopping.  At the Tank Plant we do food preparations such as rolling lunch meat for the sub shop.  We also wash dishes and run the commercial dish washer.  We work hard at the worksites, but we also have fun.



Amazing Grace