Summer Program

Good morning,

We have started our summer session. We have 4 day weeks, with Fridays off. For the summer we will be working on our Wisconsin state unit, reading And then there were none and learning about golf, baseball and tennis.

December Happenings


We prepared boxes for the soldiers for the holidays and sent them off at the post office with a few of our students and our team teaching classroom. We got together and put the items into boxes. Thank you to all of our families that donated money to help with shipping cost.

postoffice boxes-note postoffice3 postoffice5 team-teaching-boxes-4

Remember: No School this Friday, September 23rd!

Utilizing technology in the classroom

This year we will continue to use our white board and projector to incorporate technology into our instruction. On Monday and Wednesday mornings we will use the MIMIO for our state lessons, and on Tuesday and Thursday mornings we use the MIMIO to work interactively with our News2You topic. We read through the lesson and then the students get to answer questions verbally, with switches or through the use of the stylus on the white board. These activities are great to get conversation flowing and allowing students to access prior knowledge that they have on the topic and to expand learning. News2You also incorporates current events. mimio

Beginning in September we start our new State Unit on Pennsylvania!

Our repeated story line will be…Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania What can you tell me? Students will also complete workbook pages to create their own Pennsylvania book to bring home at the end of the unit in November. We will finish the unit with our taste test of foods from Pennsylvania including the banana split and the snack belt foods.


The new school year begin September 7th!

In Room 28 we are looking forward to welcoming all of our students back for the 2016-17 school year at Bovenschen school. We welcome Shelise and Luiza to our classroom. Here is to another successful school year in Room 28! Here are our class rules made by the students and our Room 28 Constitution to celebrate Constitution Day.

.room-28-constitiution          class-rules

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