Ms. Kyle's SCI-4 Classroom


Our school follows a Positive Behavior Support model. This is where we give out GOTCHA’S to students who are caught following the 3 G’s.

The 3 G’s we recognize are:

  • Making Good Choices
  • Being a Good Listener
  • Being a Good Friend

When students are given a Gotcha they are immediately recognized in the classroom, and they are able to trade their Gotcha in for a prize from the Gotcha cart.

* You may have seen these Gotcha slips and prizes coming home in your students backpack.

We Love Gotchas!

Paige Millikin- School Social Worker

Shirley Farnsworth- School Psychologists

Special Olympics Michigan

Special Olympics Michigan is a great organizations that gets our students involved with others from their community. Our students at Glen Peters not only participates in the Macomb County area games but also in the State games as well. Winter Games are held in Traverse City and Summer Games are held at Central Michigan University in Mount Pleasant!

Behavioral Philosophy

All children are different. All children learn at different levels and times. We strive to teach every individual as well as to the group. We will address every behavior in a manner that will not disrupt the rest of the group. These are a few strategies that we try when an undesired behavior occurs.

                                   -Ignore the undesirable behaviors and reward the positive ones.

                                  -Talk to the individual about the behavior if possible.

                                  -Remove items that provoke undesirable behaviors.

                                  -Remove disruptive students from the group.

                                 -Once the behavior has faded the student is welcomed back.

We find that any student can have a “bad day”. If the “bad day” becomes a pattern, we will document it and let the parents know.

Occupational Therapy

SCI-4 receives occupational therapy 1 time a week for 45 minutes to an hour. Our occupational therapist works with all students in a large group setting where she encourages students to use their fine and gross motor skills. Our students love OT time and look forward to seeing Mrs. Donna. All students will participate in some sort of way in OT. Each lesson is differentiated for each students strengths and weaknesses. Our students love the in-classroom obstacle course where they are challenged to balance. aim and crawl through many obstacles coming their way. 


SCI-4 receives speech therapy 1 time a week for 45 minutes to an hour. Our speech therapist works with all students in a large group setting where she encourages students to use speech in any way they are able. We are working on all students sequencing sentences together to express their wants and needs. Every child can and will communicate. Together with our speech therapist we will set up a communication system that fits your child. Whether it is verbal communication, pictures, sign language or gestures, we will work hard so that the students find success in communicating.

Swim Suits

We have swimming class once a week. If possible, please send in a bathing suit with your child’s name on the tag. This makes it so much easier to find a suit that fits and we will wash them out and air dry them every time your child swims. If you want to send a comb or brush to leave in your child’s swim locker you may. Swimsuits are available here at school as well.


We will try to go out in the community once a month. We are able to take 2 students each time; the students will be rotated so that everyone will get an opportunity to go. Places that we go: Macomb County Library, Meijer, Target, Dollar Stores, etc. While in the community we will shop for items needed for the classroom, looking for environmental print to read, and most important, use appropriate social behaviors.

Educational Philosophy

All students can learn! They can make progress when they are surrounded by a positive support system. By creating experiences and opportunities for each student to learn, they are more interested in participating in academic and life skills that are relevant towards their interests.

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My name is Kyle Novelly. I am a graduate from Central Michigan University with a Bachelors degree of Science and Education in Special Education with Cognitive Impairments. Glen Peters is my first official teaching home and I love being a part of the Peters family. I cannot wait to work closely and get to know your child personally. I believe that the connection that you make with a child is the key to helping them learn and succeed. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have. 

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